Crockery Print

We print on all types of crockery, tableware and promotional ceramics.

We supply all types of branded and personalized logo printed  crockery to restaurants, cafe, hotels and for corporate gifting.


Types of crockery we supply

Bone china crockery, Porcelain crockery, Earthenware crockery, Stoneware crockery, Alumina crockery, Melamine crockery and Terracotta crockery.

Good Crockery is the pride of any dining table whether it’s home, restaurant or a café. Your food presentation depends upon the Crockery sets you are using. If you are a Restaurant or a cafe it’s the best chance to show your classy style crockery to the customer with your logo exclusively printed on the crockery by Now days sharing of food picture by younger generation on social media has become a trend who indirectly promote your restaurant which has your restaurant logo printed on the crockery.

bowl printed

Types of Crockery with Sizes and their Uses. Crockery Name Crockery Size Crockery Uses
1 Quarter Plate 15cm D Quarter Plate is used to keep bread, cheese and also used as an underliner. The Quarter Plate is  also known as B&B Plate (bread & butter, underplate, side Plate
2 Half Plate 20 cm D Half Plate is used to serve starters, pasta, dessert, fish etc. It is also known as a dessert plate, fish plate
3 Full Plate 25cm D Full Plate is used to serve the main course. The Full Plate is also known as a dinner plate, joint plate, meat plate.
4 Soup Bowl 250ml Soup bowl is used to serve soup, breakfast cereals
5 Soup Cup 250ml  Soup Cup is used to serve thin soup. It is also known as consommé cup and has two handles.
6 Soup Plate 20 cm D Soup Plate is used to serve both thick & thin soup
7 Breakfast Cup 240-300 ml (8-10 Fl oz) Breakfast Cup is used to serve all Tea and coffee during breakfast
8 Tea Cup 200 ml (6^2/3Fl oz) Used to serve tea during the day
9 Coffee cup 97-100 ml Coffee cup is used to serve coffee after lunch or dinner. It is also known as demi-tasse.
10 Dessert plate 18 cm D Dessert plate is used to the service of desserts.
11 Cereal Bowl 13 cm D Cereal Bowl is used for the service of cereals (cornflakes, wheat flakes, choco flakes, etc), puddings, compotes
12 Cheese plate 16 cm D Cheese plate is used for the service of cheese and biscuits
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